Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to run Jira on a free EC2 Micro Edition

In running a software development team, one of the most important things is tool selection.

There are some excellent lists of tools for any startup available on the web:

example 1

example 2

example 3

However, in terms of bug tracking tools out there, one that is not on those lists that I love is Jira.
Jira is about as comprehensive a bug tracking system as you can get and with their greenhopper plugin is nice if your team is Agile/SCRUM focused.

Now that jira lets you have a team of 10 users for $10 it is very compelling. When you combine it with Amazon's free micro instance for hosting you get a really cool product for your team for next to no cash.

So, setup is the only issue:

1) To setup the free micro instance, you can follow this video.
2) Make sure to assign an elastic ip address in Amazon's web console
3) enable password authentication to your amazon instance
4) That allows you to easily setup ftp to your amazon machine.
5) uninstall java and install the latest
6) download and install jira standalone and ensure it’s working…note I got the "headless error"
7) Open up all the necessary ports through the AWS
8) Install MySQL
9) Ensure MySQL is running
10) switch jira to mysql

You should be good to go

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